Why visit?

Discover Unique Opportunities at Confitexpo 2024!

Confitexpo, the International Confectionery Show, brings together manufacturers of confectionery products, chocolates, snacks, cookies, jellies, beverages, party supplies, disposable products, raw materials, services, machinery and equipment suppliers, and more.

Attending Confitexpo means immersing yourself in a unique exhibition, where you will be able to establish valuable contacts with the most innovative suppliers in the confectionery and food sector in general. This event gives you the opportunity to address your concerns and needs directly with manufacturers, who will provide you with as much information as possible in a business environment. Confitexpo is a great diversity of products that will make your business grow, here you will find everything you need in one place.

Benefits of Attending Confitexpo:

Personalized Contact
Establish direct connections with exhibitors; create meaningful relationships that go beyond a simple business transaction.

Discover New Manufacturers and Products
Explore new opportunities by meeting emerging manufacturers and suppliers; be surprised by innovative products that will enhance your business offerings.

Innovation in your Industry
Stay on top of the latest industry trends and innovations to make sure you’re always one step ahead!

Expanding Your Network
Expand your network, open up new business possibilities and collaborate with influential business professionals.

Strengthening Relationships
Reconnect with your existing contacts and establish new strategic alliances to strengthen your place in the market.

Enhanced Market Insight
Gain a broader and more detailed perspective of the market, and acquire key knowledge to make informed decisions.

Exclusive Discounts
Take advantage of special discounts that exhibitors reserve exclusively for Confitexpo visitors.

Don’t miss this Confectionery Trade Show. At Confitexpo 2024, get unique opportunities for your business.

We are waiting for you to create the future of the confectionery industry together!

Products at Confitexpo 2023

Products at Confitexpo
Exhibitors at Confitexpo 2023