Why to attend?

The exhibitions or commercial trade shows are the best showcase for the companies that have something to offer to a specific market.

Confitexpo, International Confectionery Trade Show, gather companies of the sector that are manufacturers of confectionery products, chocolates, snacks, party items, disposable items, machinery and equipment suppliers, raw material, and services, among others. This mean that you can contact, in the same place and at the same moment with many professionals of the sector thaw will pay attention to your inquisitiveness and necessities in person.

By attending, your benefits will be strengthener over your competitors.

– Personalized contact with exhibitors.
– You know new manufacturers (suppliers) and products.
– You will know how it is innovating in your sector.
– It increases your networking, having new business possibilities.
– It strengths the bonds.
– You have a better knowledge of the market.
– You have better discounts, that the exhibitors only offer to the ones that visit Confitexpo.

Confitexpo was held on August 1 to 3, 2023, in Expo Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.