About us

Confitexpo, the International Confectionery Trade Show, emerged as a response to the recognized necessity of creating a platform for suppliers, manufacturers, and marketers in the confectionery industry to connect, interact, and strengthen their collaborative efforts.

 In 1986, the inaugural edition of Confitexpo was held in Mexico City. However, in 1989, the exhibition was relocated to Expo Guadalajara, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, with the aim of delivering even greater outcomes. This strategic move was driven by the substantial presence of confectionery-related businesses in Jalisco, making it an ideal hub for fostering successful industry connections.

Confitexpo has established itself as the premier event for the confectionery industry, attracting key stakeholders and providing valuable business opportunities, knowledge exchange, and insights into the latest industry trends.

Year after year, Confitexpo serves as the ultimate meeting point to discover new business prospects, forge strategic alliances, and enhance market presence within the confectionery sector.


Being the ideal meeting forum in Mexico to present the required offer to the sector, guaranting a cordiality and professionalism enviroment, where exhibitos and visitor can establish productive commercial relations


Consolidate Confitexpo as the point of meeting of the participant sectors most important in America, because Mexico is the central point beteween Canada, USA and Central and South America, stablishing alliances with international events to offer a major offer of productos for the domestic market, and open door in an international way for the exports of Mexican products.


– Trustworthiness
– Commitment
– Determination
– Integrity


To create the ideal empresarial environmental where the participant sectors can, together, support the develop of the confectionery industry creating busineess oportunities in a short, medium and long period.

We are a team committed with our work. We love what we do, convinced that the creativity of our chocolate and confectionery industry deserves to be in the first places of the world.