7 products that Mexico supply to the world

Food products of Mexican provenance, such as corn and tomato, have reached all the five continents and modified the way the whole world eats. Recently, another Mexican product, the avocado, has become one of the most desire products on earth. For example, in the last 40 years, Mexico has quintupled its annual avocado production, that is why the country is the major exporter of this precious large oily berry. Therefore, Mexico keep setting the trend with its endemic products worldwide.

The following is a short list of seven Mexican food products that are part of the present and the future of global feeding.

Cocoa, nature’s feat for the senses

Cocoa has had a significant cultural and economical importance in Mexico since the Pre-Hispanic age. Chocolate is the main output elaborated with cocoa, however, many products such as coca butter, various liqueurs, nips, beverages and cosmetic products are cocoa based. Southeast states are the largest producers in the country, but this crop is grown in Guerrero, Nayarit and Veracruz too. Nowadays, Mexico cultivates annually a little more of 28 thousand tons of this delicious ingredient.

Agave honey, a healthy sweetener

Mexico houses around of 150 different species of agave; that is almost 75% of all available species on earth. Agaves are wide known because they are distilled to obtain tequila and mezcal. Nevertheless, another product resulting from the agave is trending as a healthy sweetener alternative: the agave honey. In order to obtain this sweetener, two types of agaves are used, the blue and the maguey. In comparison to the regular sugar, the agave honey can sweet equal, but with less product. This means a lower caloric intake.

Vanilla, the world’s flavor

Vanilla is an endemic Mexican orchid. Since the Pre-Hispanic times, it has been used for aromatizing and flavoring beverages and food. Currently, vanilla is one of the most popular flavors all around the world; food processing industry use it in all kinds of products. Veracruz’s state in the main vanilla producer in the nation, just over 481 tons come from this state annually.

Amaranth, ancestral grain

This crop has been cultivated for more of 4 thousands years. Because of its great bad weather condition resistance and its massive nutritious benefits, it was considered sacred in ancient times. The high nourishing values it possesses make it an ingredient with countless potential applications. At present, nearly 6 thousand tons are grown each year.

Chia seeds, the growing superfood

This plant is on trend lately due to the great benefits that its intake provides. Cropped since the Pre-Columbian time, fell into oblivion for a long time, yet, currently, because of its high contain of proteins and omega-3 it is valued as a superfood. Chia as functional ingredient grows every year in the manufacturing of snacks, candies, energy drinks, bakery, cereals, and more.

Pumpkin seeds, adaptable and healthy

Along with the corn and the beans, the pumpkin was the foundation of the Pre-Columbian farming system. With growing demand for healthy food options, pumpkin seeds are gaining more and more ground. These seeds can protect us from diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The seeds are used to produce the classic palanqueta and snacks, but also energy bars, spreads and even milks and cheeses.

Natural chewing gum, the organic proposal for new markets

The Yucatán Peninsula is the place of origin of this popular product. Originally, this gum is a natural resin extracted from the chicozapote tree, but around the middle of the last century it was replaced by a synthetic gum. Fortunately, recently the work of 32 gum cooperatives in Quintana Roo has generated the resurgence of a natural, organic and biodegradable gum.